Life Stories Session Two

This week was fun and enlightening. We spoke of shadow people. (See the post here.) And we also were entertained by a someone well able to handle the limelight, Jean Cameron. Jean is our resident Storyteller, a woman gifted in the art of storytelling in front of an audience. She delighted us with her grandfather’s tale of elves and lollypop mines. For her to share this tale on St. Paddy’s Day was perfect. She made me think of my own grandpa, Candygarden and the game of Candyland. It’s spring. Let’s make sure to plant some sweet magic of our own. … Continue reading Life Stories Session Two

Are you worried your life is too boring to write about?

Do you think you are interesting or boring? Why? We are talking about life histories here, your life’s stories. There are people who, when they think about writing their life histories, conclude no one would be interested in reading anything they’d have to say. This is a common fallacy. It must be common because I’ve heard it uttered many times; and I’m just one person. Let’s explore some reasons why people feel this way and what  can be done about it. Fallacy: Current family members have heard these stories so often that they are disinterested in hearing them again and … Continue reading Are you worried your life is too boring to write about?