Class in Session

It’s Wednesday afternoon. The class for Writing Life Stories took place yesterday. Welcome again to everyone who made it! Besides introductions, we covered: Writers are performing artists, Why write, Approval, Beginning memory triggers, and touched on Writing flavors. These aspects of writing I plan to write more about here, on the Blog, so I hope readers stay tuned for those.

Once upon a time .  .  . Artist: Lenee Cobb
Once upon a time . . .
Artist: Lenee Cobb

One of the special things that we learned during introductions is that one woman taking the class belongs to a group of performing artists known locally as The Story People of Clallam County. This thrilled me, because I’ve attended three Forest Storytelling Festivals and also a few of the monthly gatherings of the locals, and realize what a boost these artists can give to us writers. These folks master the craft of stand-up storytelling.

As she proclaimed her affiliation I took a deeper look into her eyes and spotted a familiar glimmer, the glimmer a true Storyteller gets. You know that glimmer they get. My grandpa’s eyes would do that even after he went blind. That glimmer that comes from the soul rather than sight. I know that glimmer well.

I felt what her answer would be even before I asked; cause just like the Leprechaun cannot resist mischief, neither can a true storyteller resist a telling. I hoped. Of course I asked if she’d be willing to share a few tales with us–as a Storyteller. It was like as if I saw a curtain raise upon her face . . . her stage began to show. She smiled. “I’d be thrilled to.”


No one else was familiar with the Storytelling group. They have no idea what a treat they’re in for and I am so excited.

This (our) particular storyteller specializes in stories from her own life.  Her tales will expose her classmates (and myself) to even more avenues and ideas for enhancing our own life stories. What a wonderful thing!

Here are the Memory triggers we shared and that I promised to make available.


From instructor:

• Abandonment
• Memorable camp-out/hunting trip
• Issues at school (one in particular: the teacher you hates, the time you were sent to the principal’s office, classmates  bullying or teasing.) How many rode a horse to school or had to walk real far? School locker room or PE memory
• Family reunions when you were a kid
• Farming in the early morning

From classmates:
• Rabbit with pink eyes
• Kindergarten
• Baby brother
• Age 3: falling asleep on the steps
• Bedrooms were upstairs and bathrooms were downstairs
• Ohio: lots of snow, climbing up snow drifts
• First day of school
• Graduation
• Weddings
• Rural school: childhood
• Activities while in high school
• Friends of long ago
• Humiliation in the 7th grade
• Harp key
• Victory hike
• Sense of smell
• Unfairness
• Sense of taste
• Vows-HA!!
• I don’t read that kind of thing.
• Lies, honesty, doesn’t matter
• Dandelion wine
• My favorite swing
• When mother was dying
• Fierce accident
• First boyfriend
• Fear of no one caring what I have to say
• Feelings of shame
• Musical songs
• Recipes

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