My Thanks to Fellow Writers

I’d like to thank all the writers on Nanowrimo 2013 and 2014 for helping me in my research. I might not have done a lot of story writing these past two years (on this novel) but I did accomplish a lot more research for it.

My fictional story takes place in the Middle East (between the Black Sea and northern Africa) around 3,ooo B.C.

This is an area so full of history that I’d love to visit it, but presently, I can only do so through the experiences of others who’ve been or are there. I still have a lot of questions about specific areas, especially Turkey.

What does an echo sound like in the valley of the fairy chimneys? Are there sinkholes there, like in other places around the world where a lot of sandstone is located? Are there freshwater springs there? Creeks?

What does it smell like there? Is it similar to the arid places in Utah or Wyoming in the USA?

I did meet a man who hiked Ararat. He said, “No. You cannot see Lake Van from Ararat.” Hmm. Looked (to me) like you might be able to see that lake from that mountaintop from the photos and maps I’ve been studying. These are mistakes I want to avoid in my manuscript. I need to know it, (the areas) as if I’d walked them myself. 360-degree videos would be really nice. But I am still missing out  on the senses of touch and smell and even a lot of sound, which are things I do like to add for seasoning in my other writings so, of course, I want to in this story too.

If you or someone you know would  allow me to ask you questions about the geography, geology, archeology, etc. please contact me, or post a comment.

Is there an archeological dig for ancient Urartu or the city Resin that I’ve not read about? Has anyone out there been there or is there now?

Everyone’s help is greatly appreciated. Thanks again to all.

Lenee (coach Cobb)


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